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Automobile Staffed Events 
Large Inventory
New and Used Cars
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If you have 50 or more used vehicles and want to free up your lot for new inventory, give us a call and let us plan your staffed event.
Once booked, our staff will sell both new and used vehicles. We conduct a meeting on the day before the event and learn the rules of your dealership and our staff coheres with the house rules. We will sell both new and used vehicles if needed.
Call today and schedule an appointment with us today. 


Ask for:
Wendy Michelle Hicks -  owner
Sheniedra Fudge - Operations Manager
Earnest Peterson - General Event Manager
Meet The AP Team
  1. Ashley Jennson
    Ashley is an event coordinator. She is here to help any way she can. Call her so that she can help navigate you through your next event.
  2. Earnest Peterson
    Earnest has been the driving force to making sure our events go smooth. Being with you at your event on the front line, he assures that the staff and your staff does everything to ensure a successful event from beginning to end.
  3. Sheniedra Fudge
    Operations Manager Sheniedra makes sure that the mail design and your event all comes together. She is the oil that keeps the machine tuned.
Contact us for a to cordinate your mail and next staffed event